Workshop Conceptualisation and Facilitation


In 2015-2016 I attended the advanced training ARTPAED for practices of cultural and artistic mediation in participatory projects to deepen profound pedagogical methods and insights in my practise and participated in the CrossCulture Programm by ifa with a stay in Beirut, Lebanon in 2017.

Additional trainings:

  • 2020 Qualification in Moderation and participation process Runde Tische lead by Breuninger Foundation, Stuttgart
  • 2016 Bilder im Kontext - Bildanalysemethoden für die politische Bildungsarbeit / Images in context - Imageanalysis in political educational work, Heinrich Böll-Stiftung Berlin
  • 2016 Nonviolent communication, Berlin
  • 2015 Workshop-Module AFFECT at Agora Berlin Sensitive Observers,
    we are the world and how to construct social platforms for it

My workshops are not primarily focused on technical aspects but see the camera as a medium of research and interaction with the social environment regarding questions of identity and approaches to key aspects like empathy and trust when it comes to portrait photography and the documentation of daily life. Last but not least the work with the camera allows an artistic freedom of self-expression and positioning towards the world around. Not always we can define answers but we can raise awareness for questions and the willingness to face the complexity of societies.

See selected examples of work with kids and photographers in intercultural contexts:


Floating University, Berlin / Marktkirche, Halle / Ci.CLO Bienal Fotografia do Porto, Portugal / 4is platforma innovacion social, Portugal / C/O Berlin perspectives, Berlin / KULTUR MACHT STARK, Germany / FRAME & Beirut Center for Photography, Lebanon / Young Media Sharks, Latvia - Summerschool & Weekendworkshop /Erkenne Deine Stärken-Camps, Germany / C/O Berlin & Berlinale CLOSE UP, Germany /

C/O Berlin perspectives "Khalat Collage"

Berlin, September 2019

A weekend and reunion of that ongoing workshop that deals through various topics with connection, the reflection on self images and perception of others, roles, self-empowerment and standing

Photo-Workshop in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt.


Visual Campaign to go viral - EastParkFiction, Leipzig

Helpfest 2019

This is a viral action to raise awareness for the need for green spaces in urban space, a campaign of the initiative #EastParkFiction

 Instruction:1. Go for a walk in your neighborhood in the dark.2. Find a plant and get your picture taken behind/in/next to the plant. Use the flash of your camera or a flashlight to help.3. share the picture with the hashtags: #ourgardensarepolitical #eastparkfiction #parkdervielen #nonhumanneighbours #localbotanicalgardens #grassrootsdemocracy #gesturesofhospitality and the comment, 1. The name of the plant in your photograph. If you don´t know it, maybe someone else does? and 2. what is for you a gesture of hospitality? This is a viral action to raise awareness of the need for green spaces in urban space, a campaign of the initiative #EastParkFiction - Park of the Many.If you want to be part of the print campaign with your picture, you are welcome to contact us via


d.M.A.S.K - Mask building workshop during SYSTEMSTURZ

Workshop with natural materials in der große Garten during the Festival Systemsturz with Matthes & Seitz - with Johanna Dehio and support by Jan Lindenberg; WERKstube, Gerswalde




for Augusto Gil Basic School during Ci.CLO Bienal‘19 „Adaptation and Transition“, Porto (May)


Vouginha Storytelling - Photography Workshop in Portugal, November 2018, April 2019

With the track line of the Linha do Vouga and its region we embark on a journey into storytelling and different approaches to it. This involves a personal standpoint from which we start and explore inner and outer visions onto and into the surrounding environments. How do we interact with the findings? Do we set a concept to highlight aspects of the explorations or follow a free rhythm and search for musicality and figments in the visual work?

A photography workshop commissiond by  4iS - plataforma para a inovação social

The 2nd stage will follow up in spring 2019 and lead to a collective presentation with results and collaborations from a Sound-workshop to build a contemporary archive on the only narrow gauge line left in operation — the Vouginha and its region.

Photos by Delio Sa.


Stadt, Land und Leute - Summer-Filmcamp 2018

Brandenburg, August 2018

international Filmcamp with youth from Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan on the countryside. 10 days intensity around filmmaking, mutual learning, campfires, discussions, acting and overcoming boundaries - such an intensity with Kultur macht stark and worldcolorstudio


C/O Berlin perspectives "Khalat goes Wild.Kräuter"

Berlin, May 2018

After the very first edition in 2015 "Mein Kiez" we leaned back into the urban searching for the green, the nearby wild and collaborations to open exchange in the neighbourhood - tracking edible herbs with Simone Böcker, turning it into a cooking-event with a lovely team of Diderot, followed by cyanotypie-explorations to draw a circle to the early photography/cyanotype by the botanist Anna Atkins. Small booklets were additionally created with collected plants and drawings. Mapleleaves stuck on noses and leaves for tea brought back home.

Photo-Workshop in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt.


Land und Leute - Herbstcamp 2017

Brandenburg, October 2017

international Filmcamp with youth from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan on the countryside. 10 days intensity around filmmaking and for the great joy of the teenagers horseriding - with worldcolorstudio


Portraitphotography - Tell a story about yourself

Berlin, November 2017

What can a portrait tell us? A playful 4 days workshop with excercises and a final portraitsession for a Willkommensklasse with children from diverse Countries for C/O Berlin perspectives


C/O Berlin perspectives "Khalat Masquerade"

Berlin, Atumn 2017

Through the playful approach to build masks and let them dance or dissappear in the urban environment then photographed or filmed in a dance performance we used the making as an occasion to speak about personal fears and roles in society where visible masks from different cultural and backgrounds and practices transit in invisible masking in every day life and talked about liberating spaces and wishes and that way also self-empowerment.

Workshop in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt.


C/O Berlin perspectives "Khalat = Mixer"

Berlin, October - November 2016

Continuation of the Khalat Workshop-Series especially for girls to create a protected space for explorations and playful expression. A familyphoto-shooting in the emergency accommodation opened the workshop to include their familymembers.

Photo-Workshop in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt.


"Ieskaties ielās" - street photography workshop, Young Media Sharks

Latvia, Riga - November 2016

Young Media Sharks street photography workshop by Constanze Flamme (Germany) "Ieskaties ielās" / 11.11-12.11.2016. Video by: Tomass Bakevics


Young media sharks  International Media Summerschool

16th – 21st August in Pelci, Kuldiga Municipality, Latvia

Foreign and local gurus representing different media fields will share their experience and from a practical point of view help to get to know the world of media – journalism, videography and photography, Wordpress system, debate art, and other related skills. To acquire also very practical skills, young people will group up and under the guidance of lecturers create a digital multimedia project. Each day will be filled with lectures, workshops and independent group tasks.


C/O Berlin perspectives "Khalat = Mixer"

Berlin, April-June 2016

Experimental lab with explorations in the neighbourhood.

The goal of the project was to build and foster dialogue between young refugees and locals in the Berlin neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. Participants explored their neighborhood surroundings with cameras and microphones and discovered new places and rooms that would normally be off limits. They asked questions and told their stories. The aim was to bring neighbors from different cultural backgrounds closer together through dialogue between refugees and locals and neighborhood institutions.

Photo&Collage-Workshop in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt.


"home and familiar?" -

Cairo, Jan 2016 

an introduction in Photography to explore different visual narratives to take notes about family, friends and the nearby environment.

Photography-Workshop with westafrican female Refugees for 

Tadamon - The Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council


C/O Berlin perspectives "Mein Kiez"

Berlin, Nov 2015

Photo&Collage-Workshop for young Refugees in collaboration with the artist Katja Schütt


2013 | 2014 | 2015

Cooperation between  C/O Berlin and Berlinale Filmfestspiele

Projectmanagement and Mentoring of young photographers during the Berlinale Filmfestspiele with a final exhibition at C/O Berlin

Grips gewinnt / Erkenne Deine Stärken

Fotoworkshop with young scholarship holders

Kühlungsborn, 2015

What ways of seeing can be found in different conceptual works of visual artists and how do we approach our environment and find a language to relate and express us.

Erkenne Deine Stärken

2- Days Photo-Workshop with young pupils

Jugenddorf & Gut Gnewikow am Ruppiner See, 2014 

Teaching and Guidance

Developing a sense for portraitphotography,
empathy and trust „Me and the others“.

Part of a Team:

Stagedesign-Workshop, Übergangswohnheim Marienfelde during Heim@Marienfelde 2014

CONSTRUISINE II Workshop at Bauhaus Dessau, Meisterhäuser with Johanna Dehio 2013

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