Ci.CLO Bienal'19 "Adaptation and Transition"

„The garden is the smallest parcel of the world and then it is the totality of the world.“  Foucault

Uma conversa sobre terra is an ongoing conversational piece that uses the garden with its multiple levels of meaning and histories as a starting point to reflect on longing, belonging and the relation to the world. Using Soil as a metaphor and notions on rooting and uprooting in different life-conditions the work explores interconnected fields in human migration and how we treat the environment and host ourselves in analogy with the threatened eco-systems. Adaption is not only a crucial process in the reaction and regeneration of stressed ecosystems but also a question of resilience-building and conviviality in societies in times of increasing populism in the political landscapes. How do we make the world home?

Portraits are part of these conversations touching upon longing and belonging, language, identities, migration and (post)colonialism in every day‘s experience. Originating from the initial question: when do we decolonize the forest? sentences are used as poetic stand stills interrogating our relation to ecology and world making and turned into "Propaganda Banners" for the display in the Garden.

As a consequence, the work invites through different time&artwork-exchange-gestures during the Bienal and after to commonly spend money for trees being planted in Portugal in collaboration with the regional Projeto Cabeço Santo - a growing landscape(image), as a lasting imprint and impact after the Bienal. This contribution seeks an active and expanding framing of landscape photography - responding to local ecological emergencies and the reoccurring Forest Fires, the threats of Eucalyptus Monocultures in a country that is already prone to the impacts of Global Warming.


One Portrait - One Tree

in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal - next to the installation

Uma conversa sobre terra


17 MAY > 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

18 MAY > 12 a.m. to 3 p.m.

19 MAY > 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

21 JUNE > 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

22 JUNE > 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

One Portrait - One Tree

As part of the work a site-specific intervention and invitation to the public of Porto, Portrait sessions will be offered in the Jardins do Palacio de Cristal to be portrayed in the favourite part of the gardens and to embrace local voices about their wishes what to seed and care for - both botanically and socially.
The answers create a kaleidoscope of diverse wishes how to part take and what to tend within our environments and societies. In symbolic exchange for the portraits the artist asks for the price of a tree (3 Euro) being planted in Portugal in collaboration with the regional Projeto Cabeco Santo — as a growing and lasting image and impact after the Bienal. A growing landscape(image) in a country that is one of the most prone to the effects of Global Warming and its reoccurring Forest Fires.

You are also warmly welcomed to donate a tree or more from all other places of the world and contribute that way to the growing landscape. Out of conviction, support or to compensate the carbon foot print of flight miles and else (footprint calculator): please find the bank details below and a FINE ART PRINT EDITION which directly goes into a number of trees being planted. I will be there myself in the planting season with:

Meanwhile a digital forest with all names of the donors will be updated here online

(if you want to be publically named)

Muito Obrigada!

232 Trees by now (beginning of November) will be planted with the contribution by

Hamdy Reda, Christa Flamme, Martina Weber, Katrin Ruhnke, Lars Gabrys, Lisa Hoffmann, Filippo Menichetti, Claudio Reis, Renee Chabot, Jayne Dyer, James Mayor, Johanna Dehio, Polly Hummel, Sara Santos, Mariana Lima, Maria Loizou, Emma Larcelet, Martin, Liz, Luma, Pascale, Julia, Jenny & Lisa, Ursula Rupp, Reine, Bärbel Praun, Charlotte Liebrecht, Flaminia Celata, Randolf Pirkmayer, Virgílio Ferreira, Yerin, Jan, Eva Bobst, Elissa, Agnes, Fernand, Celia, Andrea Satorius, Moja Lees, Claudia Winklmair, Claus Baldus, Ro Caminal, Monica Tranchych

A growing landscape(image) - HELP TO LET IT GROW

with the Projeto Cabeço Santo

(if you scroll down the site can be translated into your language)

1 Tree = 3 Euro

A reference to Joseph Beuys is undeniable but it was the process of the research and work that I wanted to expand the limits of the frame of a photograph within an art event that speaks about ecological emergencies. Having planted a tree in 2017 in Portugal myself one thought led to another and through the network of friends and cultural managers in the north of Portugal I found an organization and the values to collaborate with. I visited Paulo and Jorge from Projeto Cabeço Santo in April in the enchanting forest of a restoration that started many years ago as also wretched patches that show the signs of recent forest fires or terraced slopes for eucalyptus plantations for industrial purposes - creating a regulated and articficial landscape.

These are areas that will be reforested with the delicate monitoring of diversity and reduction of the threatening vast patches of Eucalyptus monocultures that play fatal roles in the forest fires (though I love that tree!)

Projeto Cabeço Santo

No de identificação Fiscal 177404370


IBAN: PT50004532404001759505532


Since we are both smaller entities and want to forward every cent into trees there is no simplified paypal-button for donation yet. I thank you for the time you take for that transfer.

Ongoing updates and photo material coming ...

For more information and inquiries:

This is the area you contribute to - on both hills along the river. I will return once a while to document the sites - and the "collective ecological sculpture" as the collaborative contribution to the Bienal you will be part of - and way beyond. Obrigada!


Exhibition Details UMA CONVERSA SOBRE TERRA, Jardim do Palacio Cristal, Porto


Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g


50,- Euro for 10 trees being planted


80, - Euro for 20 trees being planted




300,- Euro for 60 trees being planted

(+ 10 Euros shipping; the cost covers the number of trees and the production)

Get in touch here:

The purchase goes via my account to cover the production cost

Motifs from the visual research

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